April 6, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions on Surge Pricing Fees

1. When does surge pricing begin?

Surge Pricing begins on April 9, 2018 at 11:00AM.

All other scheduled stadium event days and surge pricing hours are available here:


2. Where will surge pricing take place?

Surge pricing will apply to all Chicago Parking Meter spaces within the following boundary on all sides of each street:

North: Irving Park Road
West:  Southport Avenue
South: Belmont Avenue
East: Broadway Street

Any drivers using parking spaces within the bounded zone during the 7 hour duration of surge pricing will be required to pay their parking meter at surge pricing rates.


3. What is the increased cost?

During surge pricing, meter rates in the pilot zone will increase from $2 per hour to $4 per hour.

Meters will extend through the duration of the scheduled event for 7 total hours and may extend past the meter’s regularly scheduled end time.



4. When is surge price in effect?

Surge pricing will be active for a total of 7 hours for scheduled stadium events.

In some cases, surge pricing will be enforced in hours later than the meter’s regular end times. For example, if surge pricing begins at 5:00PM, customers using the meter will need to pay surge pricing rates until 12:00AM even though their meter regularly ends collection at 10:00PM.

A list of scheduled stadium event days and enforcement periods are available here.


5. How will surge pricing impact residents around Wrigley Field?

Only those using Chicago Parking Meter spaces during surge pricing times will be impacted. There will be no changes to Parking Permit Zones throughout the surrounding area.


6. How will I know if Surge Pricing is in effect?

If a driver enters a zone number during surge pricing, their total will be calculated at the surge pricing rate and charge.  

Drivers will also be able to clarify if their space is within the bounded zone through information on the Chicago Parking Meter machine and on their zone’s parking sign.


7. Do I need to pay my Chicago Parking meter on holidays?

Yes, regular parking rules are enforced on all parking meters regardless of holidays. Surge pricing will also be enforced on holidays.

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