Driver's License Suspension

Motorists with 10 or more unpaid parking tickets or a combination of 5 or more unpaid red light and automated speed enforcement tickets that have reached Final Determination status are sent a Notice of Impending Driver’s License Suspension (DLS). The DLS Notice informs the motorist that he or she has failed to pay the fines and penalties for 10 or more parking tickets or a combination of 5 or more red light and automated speed enforcement tickets.

How To Stop the Suspension

Once the City notifies you of your Driver's License Suspension eligibility, you must pay the amount due on the DLS notice as well as any other tickets which have reached final determination status issued to any vehicle registered in your name. If within 45 days of the impending suspension notice no action is taken by you, the City certifies your suspension eligibility with the Secretary of State. A $20.00 certification fee payable to the City is assessed. Please note that once the Secretary of State has suspended your license, that agency may require the payment of a reinstatement fee.

Participation in a payment plan will not cause your driver's license to be re-instated if it has already been suspended. A driver's license will remain suspension-eligble or suspended until all qualifying outstanding ticket debt is satisfied. Once your license is suspended, you must pay in person by cash, credit card or money order issued by the United States Postal Service.

Consequences for Nonpayment

If you do not fully satisfy the debt, the Secretary of State will suspend your license. Your driving privileges will cease until the tickets are paid in full.

If you would like to contact the Secretary of State, their general number is (312) 793-1010.

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