Information About Illinois and Chicago-area Victims of domestic violence


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The Illinois Domestic Violence Data and Information (ILDVDI) Clearinghouse provides access to data and information about Illinois and Chicago-area victims of domestic violence. 

The ILDVDI Clearinghouse is a collaborative effort of the Department of Family and Support Services, Division on Domestic Violence (DDV) and the Domestic Violence Coordinated Response Council.  The ILDVDI Clearinghouse was developed to create easy access to domestic violence related data and information available in Illinois, to increase knowledge about Illinois and Chicago area victims of domestic violence, and to better serve and improve the lives of Illinois domestic violence victims and their families.


This clearinghouse is available to anyone who wishes to improve domestic violence programs, policies, and the lives of victims and their children.

Using The Clearinghouse

Hundreds of local agencies, including law enforcement, the courts, and educational systems respond to victims, their children, and perpetrators of domestic violence daily.  They collect a variety of client and service specific information, such as client characteristics, violence experiences, and the type and amount of service delivered.  These agencies internally use this information to make decisions about responding to victims, improving services, soliciting funds, and determining impact.  Additionally, agencies make this information externally available to the public to support information sharing and increased awareness about the issue of domestic violence.

As a service, The Illinois Domestic Violence Data and Information (ILDVDI) Clearinghouse provides one-stop access to data and information about Illinois and Chicago-area victims of domestic violence.   From this clearinghouse, you can link to agency websites to retrieve domestic violence data, annual reports, and/or special publications. 

Instructions:Below select the icon or text that will direct you to the desired type of information.  In a separate window, scroll down and select among the available service system’s information available for you to retrieve.


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Data links contain access to information that can be manipulated and is often downloadable, searchable, and/or customizable.



Annual Reports

Annual Reports logoAnnual or canned reports are typically produced on a schedule.  This information is generally the same across the time periods and is often described in annual or quarterly term (e.g. annual report, quarterly brief).



Special Publications

Customized Publication logoSpecial publications reflect a “unique” exploration and are typically produced once.  Formats can include, peer-reviewed journal articles, non-published documents, such as dissertations, special reports, newspaper articles, and many more.




Terms, Conditions, and Disclaimers

The ILDVDI Clearinghouse is not a central repository where data and information are stored, but rather a comprehensive listing of information being produced by service system, such as government agencies, universities, and many other organizations in Illinois.  Each time you access a link you are transferred to the host agency's website.

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If You Need Help

For confidential domestic violence information and support, call the City of Chicago Domestic Violence Help Line at 1.877.TO.END.DV or 1.877.863.6338 and TTY 1.877.863.6339.

Individuals interested in domestic violence education via the Centralized Training Institute, public policy and advocacy, and the connection of community members to direct service providers, can call the Chicago Metropolitan Battered Women's Network at 312.527.0730 or visit