Advisory Council on Veterans Affairs

The Advisory Council on Veterans Affairs (ACVA) is one of three advisory councils to the City of Chicago Commission on Human Relations (CCHR). Members of the council are appointed by the mayor and confirmed by City Council. Members serve three year terms and are not compensated.

The ACVA serves as a liaison between City government and the veterans’ community to promote cooperation and enhance services. ACVA also works with the CCHR to address issues of discrimination in housing, employment, public accommodation, and credit facing Chicago’s veterans.

The ACVA advises local government, and conducts educational programs to inform veterans and the public about issues that affect the veteran community. The ACVA seeks to advance social and institutional policies that improve the quality of life for veterans and all Chicagoans.

The ACVA works in partnership with a variety of local, state, and national entities to:

  • advocate for fair and accessible healthcare services
  • support efforts to end homelessness among veterans
  • identify and promote employment initiatives for veterans
  • disseminate information about VA benefits and programs
  • advocate and support initiatives that improve the quality of life at state veterans
  • Support efforts to recognize the contributions of all veterans, from all wars, and all conflicts



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