Chicago Commission on Human Relations

The Chicago Commission on Human Relations (CCHR) is the City's civil rights department that is charged with enforcing the Chicago Human Rights Ordinance and the Chicago Fair Housing Ordinance. The Commission investigates complaints to determine whether discrimination may have occurred in the areas of employment, housing, and public accommodations, and uses its enforcement powers to punish acts of discrimination. Under the City's Hate Crimes Law, the agency aids hate crime victims. CCHR also employs proactive programs of education, intervention, and constituency building to discourage bigotry and bring people from different groups together.

Chicago's Human Rights Ordinance and Fair Housing Ordinance prohibit discrimination based 16 protected classes. Military status is one of those classes. Anyone subjected to prohibited discrimination may file a complaint at the Chicago Commission on Human Relations. Complaints must be filed within 180 days of the alleged discriminatory action, which must have occurred in Chicago. Click here to file a complaint and to visit the Commission's website for more info.


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