July 10, 2008

Daley Names New Fire Commissioner and Executive Director of OEMC

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Mayor Richard M. Daley today appointed Fire Commissioner Raymond Orozco as executive director of the City’s Office of Emergency Management and Communications and promoted First Deputy Fire Commissioner John W. Brooks to be the new Fire Commissioner.

“These two appointments will ensure that we are meeting our responsibility in city government to keep Chicagoans safe and secure and to be as prepared as we can be to manage emergency situations,” Daley said at a City Hall news conference.

Orozco has served as Fire Commissioner since March, 2006, and is a 29 year-veteran of the Department. He will lead OEMC, which operates the City’s public safety communications system and coordinates and manages emergency situations.

Brooks joined the Department in 1980 and became First Deputy Commissioner under Orozco in July, 2006. In that role, in addition to other duties, he has had administrative and budget oversight of the Department’s major bureaus and divisions.

“Both men have given a lifetime of service to the Fire Department and to the residents of Chicago,” Daley said.

“They have worked together closely for the last two years managing the Fire Department and are perfectly suited both as administrators and as leaders to help Chicago maintain its reputation as center of innovation in emergency preparedness,” he said.

Daley said Orozco has led the Fire Department with distinction since March of 2006.

“He has helped strengthen its position as a leader in the use of technology to help carry out the department’s mission, he has strengthened our regular exchange of information with other large city departments and has continued to improve the department’s training procedures.

“Through his experience and his management approach, he is the right person to run OEMC and to carry out the broad strategy we have used since September 11, 2001 of bringing all our city resources together to keep the people of our city and our region safe,” the Mayor said.

Daley said Brooks has also distinguished himself in many ways during his years of service, particularly in his management of the Department’s Emergency Medical Services personnel and in his expertise in the areas of fire suppression and rescue.

‘He a first-rate leader who will build on the strong work he and Commissioner Orozco have done and will also help us continue our efforts to diversify the department so that it more accurately reflects the make-up of the city it serves,” Daley said.

The Mayor said cooperation is a critical component in keeping the city safe and secure.

“We are fortunate in Chicago to have dedicated, hard-working police officers, firefighters and paramedics, as well as workers at the Office of Emergency Management and Communications. And we need and have the partnership and cooperation of other agencies of government at all levels to keep our city and metropolitan area safe,” Daley said.

“We share our technology and our equipment and our ideas freely with other communities as part of our regional commitment to safety and security.

We are fortunate to have two men such as these to help lead our efforts to be as safe and as prepared as we can be,” he said.