December 2, 2009

Winter Overnight Parking Ban Is Back

Watch For and Obey Posted Seasonal Regulations Until April 1, 2010 Streets & San Says To Watch For & Obey Posted Winter Restrictions
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Watch For and Obey Posted Seasonal Regulations Until April 1, 2010
Streets & San Says To Watch For & Obey Posted Winter Restrictions

One of the surest signs of Winter in Chicago is the return of our annual snow-related parking restrictions.

Chicago's Overnight Parking Ban resumed on Tuesday, December 1, 2009, at 3:00 AM. The seasonal ban imposes parking restrictions for a number of Chicago's most critical arterial streets.

Motorists should also pay attention to the 2-inch snow restrictions that are technically in effect all year round but realistically are only a factor during the winter months.

The Winter overnight parking ban resumed for approximately 107 miles of city streets from 3 a.m. to 7 a.m. between December 1st and April 1st - REGARDLESS OF SNOW!

Signs for this seasonal restriction are permanently posted. Ignoring them can cost the violator a $150 towing fee (minimum), a $50 ticket and a daily storage fee of $10 that will increase over time.

On Tuesday, December 1, 2009, between 3-7AM 234 Motorists ignored the posted signage and media warnings about the resumption of this critical parking restriction and were ticketed, towed and impounded. On the second evening of the Winter Overnight Parking Ban there were 164 vehicles towed overnight. Enforcement of this restriction will continue nightly until April 1, 2010.

The best advice we can offer is to obey posted signage and if you regularly park on one of these designated streets during non-winter months, it's a good idea to secure a safe and legal parking spot until the restrictions expire on April 1st.

A separate seasonal parking ban could be activated during a heavy snow on another 500 miles of main streets when there are two or more inches of snow on the street, no matter the time of day or the calendar date. While this restriction is not activated frequently, motorists that violate it face ticketing and relocation to a space nearby.

Both of these seasonal restrictions are indicated on permanently posted signs along the designated routes. Together they constitute Chicago's "Snow Route System," which was created as a response to massive snow storms, including the Great Blizzard of '67, which halted traffic citywide."

"These routes are critical and need to be kept up and running at all times so that emergency vehicles, buses and cars are able to get through," stated Thomas G. Byrne, Commissioner of Streets & Sanitation.

Over the years the department has observed that most motorists who park on the street tend to leave their cars in place during a storm. Illegally parked cars on these roadways prevent the routes from being fully plowed and salted. The snow that continues to fall gets pushed up against these vehicles by passing plows and that further restricts the traffic capacity of the street.

"It is very important for our residents who park on the street to work with us to keep these critical routes open to full capacity by obeying the winter parking regulations," said Commissioner Byrne. "Lets work together so that we can all make it through winter safely and securely."

Winter Overnight Parking Ban Routes

Street From To
103rd St. Pulaski Rd Torrence Ave
79th St Cicero Ave South Shore Drive
Cottage Grove Ave 03rd St Midway Plaisance
Kedzie Ave 87th. St North Ave
106th St Torrence Ave State Line Rd
Torrence Ave 103rd St 106th St
Midway Plaisance Cottage Grove Dorchester Ave
Payne Dr Midway Plaisance Morgan Dr
Dr. M L King Dr Garfield Blvd Cermak Rd
Cermak Rd Dr. M L King Dr State St
State St Cermak Rd Congress Pkw
Archer Av Harlem Av State St
Madison St Austin Bv Des Plaines St
Central Ave Harrison St Bryn Mawr Ave
Division St Austin Bv La Salle St
Kedzie Ave Bryn Mawr Ave Irving Park Rd
Milwaukee Av Lake St Central Ave
Foster Ave Clark St Kennedy Ex
Clark St Devon Av Howard St
Cannon Dr(West side) Fullerton Pkw Diversey Pkw
Devon Av Clark St Sheridan Rd
Garfield Blvd Morgan St. Ellsworth Rd
Kedzie Moffat St.

Milwaukee Ave