January 7, 2010

Mayor Daley Names Raymond Orozco Chief of Staff

Mayor's Press Office    312.744.3334

Mayor Richard M. Daley today named Raymond Orozco Chief of Staff. Orozco has served as the Executive Director of the Office of Emergency Management and Communications since July 2008. The appointment is effective on February 1, 2010.

Orozco will replace Paul Volpe who will assume the role of Budget Director for the Chicago Transit Authority, replacing Paul Fish, who is retiring. Volpe has served as Chief of Staff since December, 2008.

“Ray has demonstrated that he understands, inside and out, the challenge of advocating for the people of Chicago,” said Mayor Daley. “Through his many years in public service, he has also demonstrated to me that he has the unique ability to lead and inspire people.”

The Mayor reminded reporters that the City will continue to be impacted by the nation’s recession and that there will be many tough choices ahead.

He outlined the City’s challenges including getting people back to work and helping them avoid foreclosure and stay in their homes, controlling the cost of government and protecting taxpayers, addressing violence especially against the City’s young people and working to ensure that people have confidence in the actions of city government.

“More than ever people need fighters on their side. It’s important to me that my staff understands that we’re fighting for our residents’ interests. Ray will be the leader on my team who helps us tackle these and other challenges head on,” said Daley.

“I’ve challenged Ray to think outside the box. I’ve asked him to bring new innovations, new technology and new thinking to every aspect of City Hall. When all is said and done, I’ve told him that his job is simple – fight for the people of Chicago,” said Daley.

During his tenure as Executive Director, Orozco solidified the private sector camera initiative, which links Chicago based organizations, companies and non-for-profit camera systems into the OEMC video surveillance network known as Operation Virtual Shield. He also integrated this camera network into 911 operations, making Chicago the first city in the nation to utilize this type of technology for emergency dispatch.

Orozco has taken the lead on developing many of the City’s safety and security protocols for large scale events, including the Air and Water Show, the Chicago White Sox and Chicago Cubs Major League Baseball’s playoff games, and mostly recently, the 2008 Election Night Rally in Grant Park.

Before heading up OEMC, Orozco served as Fire Commissioner and is a 29 year-veteran of the Chicago Fire Department.

The Mayor also thanked Paul Volpe for his service to the residents of Chicago.

“Paul accomplished a tremendous amount as Chief of Staff, as the City’s Chief Financial Officer and as the City’s Budget Director. His work has been invaluable, as we’ve developed our city’s budgets, especially during these tough economic times,” said Mayor Daley.

“Paul has devoted a large part of his professional life to the people of Chicago and I want to thank him for his hard work and commitment. The city’s financial situation would be far worse today without him.”

"He will take that financial background with him to the CTA, where I know he will excel and be a voice for those who use and depend on public transportation," Daley added.