July 29, 2010

Mayor Daley Names Bruce Rauner Chairman Of Chicago Convention And Tourism Bureau

Business Executive Served on Interim Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority Board
Mayor's Press Office    312.744.3334
Mayor Richard M. Daley today appointed Bruce V. Rauner, chairman of a Chicago-based venture capital and private equity firm, as chairman of the Chicago Convention and Tourism Bureau, the sales and marketing organization responsible for promoting Chicago as a meeting and tourist destination.
“One of our most important jobs is to restore Chicago's competitive edge in the convention and tourism industry,” Daley said.
Rauner is chairman of GTCR. He serves on the boards of civic and philanthropic organizations including the Renaissance Schools Fund and is Chairman of the Education Committee of the Civic Committee and Past Chairman of the Chicago Public Education Fund. 
In March, Daley appointed Rauner as a member of the interim board of the Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority, which had been re-organized by legislation passed by the Illinois General Assembly.
“This year we've acted boldly -- our leaders in Springfield and Chicago working together -- to reinvent Chicago's tourism and convention efforts at Navy Pier and McCormick Place. It wasn't easy, but to the credit of many people, legislation passed which broadly overhauled the management structure of our convention facilities, provided additional financial support and eliminated many of the unfair and burdensome work rules and that were putting us at a competitive disadvantage,” Daley said.
“Now that the new board is in place, I want Bruce to continue to play a major role in keeping Chicago at the top of a very competitive business,” he said. “Together, the McPier Board and the Convention and Tourism Bureau are responsible for keeping our momentum going in the convention and tourism industry.” 
The Mayor said Rauner has the background and leadership experience to implement the strong, creative solutions that will take Chicago’s convention industry to the next level. 
“We've already taken important steps to reform how we conduct our convention business, but we have to keep our momentum going. To do that, we need bold thinking when it comes to marketing our City, and I am confident Bruce is the right person to guide that thinking,” Daley said.
The term of the position, which is not a full-time job, is three years, per statute.
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