June 2, 2010

Mayor Daley Announces 130 More Police Officers On The Street By Mid-July

Brings to 298 the Number of Police Added to Street Duty Since November
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Mayor Richard M. Daley said today that by mid-July 130 more Chicago police officers will be assigned to street duty as a result of a management review of the Chicago Police Department Administrative operations, more efficient use of resources and a newly-graduated class from the Chicago Police Academy.

The 44 officers whose re-assignment was announced today include 33 from administrative positions at police headquarters and 11 detectives from the police department arson unit who will go back to work on criminal investigations at the area level.
In addition, the City brought in a class of 86 police recruits who will graduate from the police academy on July 14 and begin patrolling the City’s streets and transit system. Federal economic stimulus funds will pay for these officers for three years.
“So, the bottom line is that by mid-July, because of our ongoing commitment to better manage, we will have put 130 more officers on the streets keeping our city safe,” Daley said.
In July, 2009, a review of the department’s district operations resulted in returning 168 sworn officers from administrative duties to operational positions.
“When you add the 168 officers reassigned last fall, that means we will have added 298 more police on the streets since last July than we otherwise would have,” he said.
The Mayor said that the City is committed to combat gang and drug thugs who terrorize Chicago’s neighborhoods and use guns to intimidate and murder its residents.
Daley said the City will also assign back to firehouses six of the 21 sworn personnel in the fire department’s Office of Fire Investigations.
He said the streamlining will not compromise the City’s ability to investigate arson. The number of arsons has declined here from 1269 in 1999 to 610 last year and those kinds of numbers are seen in other big cities, as well.
“The Chicago Police Department continues to revise its strategies across Chicago to assure they are best targeting their resources, especially in those neighborhoods most at risk of gun and gang violence. That's why we've worked to pull as many police officers as possible from behind desks onto street duty,” he said.
“Those aren’t huge numbers, but every officer matters,” Daley said.
In addition, the City will also assign back to firehouses six of the 21 sworn personnel in the fire department’s Office of Fire Investigations.
“This streamlining will not compromise our ability to investigate arson,” the Mayor aid.
The study of police administration staffing began early in 2010 and was carried out with the pro-bono assistance of the Civic Consulting Alliance. The consulting firms of McKinsey and Company and A.T. Kearney also helped with various parts of the review.
“These steps are forward-looking ideas that will both protect taxpayers because we're better using existing resources, as well as help better protect our neighborhoods,” Daley said.
“Ending the violence must be Chicago's crusade and each of us must do our part -- parents, the community and our schools. The police can’t do it all.
“In the meantime, we must remain creative and deliver on our commitment to better manage government and do more with less and keep our city as safe and secure as it can be,” he said.

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