May 15, 2010

Mayor Daley And 29th Ward Alderman Deborah Graham Join Chicago Police Department Officials, Members Of Faith Based Community And Concerned Residents At An Anti-Violence March And Rally

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Mayor Richard M. Daley joined faith-based leaders, concerned community residents, Chicago Police Department officials and 29th Ward Alderman Deborah Graham for an anti-violence march and rally at the Brunson Math and Science Academy, 932 South Central Avenue in the Austin community.

At the rally Mayor Daley thanked residents for their participation in the City’s 7th Gun Turn-in program, which took place last Saturday at 22 sites throughout Chicago.

Almost 4,000 guns were collected including assault rifles, Tec-9 semiautomatic assault style pistols and numerous sawed-off shotguns.

Since 2006, the Chicago Police Department and its CAPS division have sponsored six successful “gun turn-in” programs collecting almost 19,000 illegal guns.

“Why would anybody in today’s society need these types of guns in their everyday lives? These types of weapons are used to kill people. And in the hands of the wrong people the guns become even more dangerous,” said Mayor Daley.

The Mayor added that in America there are cities and states that are enacting laws that allow people to carry concealed weapons in their communities.

However Chicago is doing everything possible to keep guns off the streets and will continue to fight for legislation at the state and federal level to push for a ban on assault weapons.

The strategy is part of the city’s comprehensive approach to fighting crime that includes improving the public education process for children and offering programs for young men and women who are re-entering society after being incarcerated in the State of Illinois correctional system.

“As parents we have a responsibility to make sure our children are nurtured and prepared to compete in the 21st century. A child is not born to this earth as a gangbanger or drug dealer. If you’re child is hanging out on the streets after curfew hours or not doing well in school it is your responsibility as a parent to guide that child in the right direction. Don’t leave it to the Chicago Police Department to monitor your child 24 hours a day.”