January 18, 2011

Mayor Daley, Chicago Police Department Officials Honor Fallen Officer Thor Soderberg

Mayor's Press Office    312.744.3334
Mayor Richard M. Daley and Chicago Police Department officials today added the star of Officer Thor Soderberg to the Police Superintendent’s Honored Star Case.
Soderberg was killed July 7, 2010, in an apparent robbery attempt.
His is the 479th Honored Star.
“He was an outstandingofficer, a devoted husband and a friend and colleague of so many other people whose lives are a crusade to help our young people have a brighter future,” Daley said at the ceremony held at Chicago Police Department headquarters, 3510 S. Michigan Av.
Soderberg was devoted to making young people’s lives better through his assignment in the Department’s “Operation Protect Youth” and a great part of his professional life was focused on training new generations of police officers,” Daley said.
“That’s what we must remember today: that Thor Soderberg sent the new generations of officers into Chicago’s streets prepared for their difficult job, and that he’ll live on as an inspiration to all the members of the police force that he trained,” the Mayor said.
Daley said that every Chicagoan should be grateful for the life Soderberg lived, the work he did and his deep commitment to the people of Chicago.

"By placing his star in this case, we keep alive his memory and also ensure that he will have a lasting place in the proud history of the Chicago Police Department,” he said.

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