March 2, 2011

Five Gun Bills Supported By City Of Chicago Are Approved By Illinois General Assembly Committees

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Five bills that are part of the City of Chicago’s 2011 package of legislation aimed at reducing gun violence today were approved by committees of the Illinois General Assembly.
The measures will now go to the House and Senate floors for further debate and a vote.
“Gun violence will continue to be a national problem until we understand that there are common-sense legislative steps we can take to help end it. Despite strong opposition from the gun industry, we have had several important victories in the last two sessions in Springfield. Today’s committee action keeps that momentum going,” Daley said.
The bills approved by the House Judiciary Committee are (with chief sponsor):
  • HB 1294, which bans assault weapons and high capacity magazines that enable a gun to hold more rounds of ammunition than it was originally manufactured to hold. (Rep. Edward Acevedo)
  • HB 1599, which increases the penalties by one class if a semi-automatic assault weapon or high capacity ammunition was used in the commission of the offense. (Rep. Acevedo)
  • HB 1906, requiring gun dealers to be licensed by the state. The state requires licenses for most every other occupation and/or business in Illinois that impacts public safety, welfare and health – but not gun dealers. (Rep. William Cunningham)
The bills passed by the Senate Criminal Law Committee are (with chief sponsor):
  • SB 1589, establishing a mandatory minimum jail sentence of five years for a felon convicted of illegal gun possession and/or charged with other illegal gun crimes. Current law allows a felon guilty of a gun crime to receive a probation-eligible sentence. (Sen. Tony Munoz)
  • SB 1739, which penalizes a person for aggravated intimidation when he or she knew that the victim was a civilian reporting information regarding a forcible felony to a law enforcement agency and the offense was committed because the person reported information regarding a forcible felony to a law enforcement agency. (Sen. Kwame Raoul)
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