Youth Quality of Life Framework

The Youth Quality of Life Framework displays what leaders in Chicago believe are the “essential outcomes” – experiences, services, opportunities, or support – that youth need to have, or have access to, in order to experience social mobility. At a time when the City increased its investments in youth, (youth being defined as young people ages 0-24 years) the Youth Quality of Life Framework will prove to be a helpful tool to allow us to evaluate these investments and prioritize programs that have the greatest positive impact on youth outcomes.

Each of the essential outcomes are grouped into the following four domains that capture the experiences the stakeholders believe youth need to experience social mobility:

  1. Chicago youth succeed in school and engage in meaningful postsecondary options.
  2. Chicago youth are safe in their communities and in their homes.
  3. Chicago youth have healthy relationships with themselves and others.
  4. Chicago youth are physically healthy and have access to resources to maintain their health.

Read more about the outcomes, metrics selected to measure progress toward each outcome, and the investments the City has made in youth over the years in the full report, located here.

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