The Mayor's Commission for a Safer Chicago

The City of Chicago is committed to reducing violence in our City, particularly among our youth. To stop this cycle of violence, we must address its root causes, including lack of economic security, exposure to trauma, disconnection from school, and involvement in gangs and the justice system.

The Mayor’s Commission for a Safer Chicago is a group of over 130 community and faith leaders, practitioners, subject matter experts, city staff, parents, and youth, united in the belief that violence is preventable, not inevitable.  The Commission has spent the past several months creating Strategic Plan for Youth Violence for 2015 that is designed to reduce youth violence by addressing its root causes.

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On March 31, the Mayor’s Commission for a Safer Chicago gathered for its quarterly meeting. Updates on the progress of each of the Commission’s 5 working groups can be found in the report linked below. Commission members also saw a short video highlighting the work of the Parent Peace Centers, which have expended to several new CPS schools. That video is available below.

Download the Safer Chicago Quarterly Report

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