MOPD’s Home Delivered Meals FAQ


What is MOPD’s Home Delivered Meals program? 

Home Delivered Meals is part of MOPD’s Independent Living Program (ILP) along with:  

  1. Case Management- The case manager provides, arranges, coordinates, monitors, evaluates, and advocates for services that meet your specific needs.  
  2. Personal Assistance services include but are not limited to: Personal health care such as hygiene and grooming, housekeeping tasks, (laundry, washing dishes, mopping, sweeping, etc.)Money management, (budgeting, paying bills, etc.)ShoppingAssistance with preparing meals and help with other daily living tasks that will enable the client to live independently. 
  3. Assistive Devices are personal devices or equipment that will assist you to become more independent in your home. The equipment and instruction provided are based on your needs in your home environment.  

The Home Delivered Meals program provides nutritious meals to eligible homebound Chicago residents with disabilities who do not have a support system in place and cannot cook, shop, or obtain meals. Meals are offered by MOPD’s partner, Meals on Wheels Chicagowhich provides home-delivered meals to individuals with disabilities every week. 

Who is this Home Delivered Meals program for? 

  • Have a hard time leaving home because of illness or disability, or  
  • May not be able to make meals at home, or  
  • May not have help to shop for food or prepare food  
  • Live in the City of Chicago 
  • If you live outside of Chicago, contact your local city government, and ask for information on available food programs.   

How old do I have to be to receive Home Delivered Meals? 

You need to be at least 18 years old and no older than age 59.  

If you are age 60 years old or older, you may qualify for home-delivered meals through the Chicago Department of Family & Support Services, Senior Services.  You can call them at 312-744-4016, Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  More information about Senior Services is available by visiting the following website:  

How much do Home Delivered Meals cost? 

There is no cost for this program or any of MOPD’s Independent Living Services.  

How many meals will I get? 

You will get a total of ten meals per delivery.  This includes two meals per day for five days straight.   Each day includes two meals including a frozen meal (generally an entrée) and cold meal (such as a salad or the makings of a sandwich).   You will need to keep the food in a refrigerator/freezer and be able to reheat food using a stove or microwave.  

How often are meals delivered? 

Meals are delivered once a week, on a weekday.   You will be assigned a delivery day based on the area they live in. Drivers try their best to stay on schedule so that you can plan their day around the delivery. 

What are my meal choices? 

Currently, meal choices are unavailable. All meals are determined to be heart healthy. 

How can someone receive Home Delivered Meals? 

You can make a referral for yourself or for someone else by:  

  • Call us at 312-746-5773, Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., and ask for home-delivered meals 
  • E-mail MOPD anytime at  
  • Call 311 (312-744-5000) and ask for home-delivered meals 
  • Use the 311 app and fill out a Home Delivered Meals request.  MOPD staff will contact you and will need to connect with the person receiving home-delivered meals.   You will need to provide some basic information.   If you are interested in MOPD’s other independent living services, MOPD staff can provide more information.  

What can I expect during the assessment process?  

When you talk with the MOPD staff member, be prepared to provide the following information:  




Phone Number 

Describe your disability 

Describe why you cannot prepare meals 

Number of people that live in the household 

If there are other household members, share why they are not able to prepare meals or assist you in meal preparation  

Share about other areas you may need help with at home such as cleaning, shopping, or laundry 

If MOPD staff makes a referral for Home Delivered Meals, you will be contacted by staff from MOPD’s ILP vendor, which is Access Living.   The ILP staff person will confirm information they have received from MOPD and schedule an in-home visit.  

During the in-home visit, ILP staff will discuss your needs. They will also evaluate to see if any additional services may assist you. These services may include other ILP services such as Personal Assistance in the home, Assistive Devices that may make daily tasks easier, or other needed services. The ILP staff submits an assessment and recommendation to MOPD. It is reviewed and if services are approved, they will start services within a few days. 

Does MOPD have other services I can receive? 

Yes, we do! 

  • We will set up an interview first, to see if you are eligible.     
  • You are interviewed by MOPD staff and other MOPD services are discussed based on your needs.  
  • These may include other ILP services such as HomeMod, Housing, Employment services, or other community-based services.  
  • You may be referred for other services instead of, or in addition to; Home Delivered Meals.   
  • Everyone who receives Home Delivered Meals is assigned a case manager to assist them. 





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