MOPD Information and Referral Services

MOPD's Information and Referral staff assist people with disabilities in making more effective use of the health, education, training, economic and social resources available to them. A major component of Information and Referral is the identification of and distribution of resources. Services are provided to people with disabilities, social service professionals, educators, and the general public. 

For more information, please contact MOPD at 311 or email:  

Typical services that the Information and Referral staff provide include:

  • Providing information on programs such as RTA Reduced Fare**, Benefit Access Program, State of Illinois Disability License Plates and Placards, energy assistance, or utility reconnection.
  • Administering direct services (to people with disabilities) which include practical assistance (i.e. helping people complete applications), advocacy (i.e. helping people resolve issues with other agencies), and short-term counseling (i.e. giving people detailed instruction on how to access services).
  • Providing referrals to individuals for the appropriate agencies to meet health, economic and social needs.
  • Identifying and distributing resources. 
  • Do you have difficulty doing simple tasks at home like cooking your own food, grocery shopping, or keeping your home clean?
  • Were you denied in-home services from DHS/DRS due to a low DON score or other reasons?
  • Could you benefit from Assistive Devices that may support you in self-care such as bathing and using the toilet independently?
    Do you need improved nutrition and hot meals delivered to your door?
    To get the tools you’ll need to stay independent in your home? 

Call MOPD at 311 or email for more information. The Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities can offer personal assistant services (for a dollar an hour), assistive devices, home-delivered meals and case management for people with disabilities living in the City of Chicago who is not receiving services from DHS’s Division of Rehabilitation Services and are under the age of 60.

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