COVID-19 Resources for the Disability Community

MOPD will provide COVID-19 resources for the disability community. Check back often for updates.


COVID-19 Vaccines:

Discussion on COVID-19/Flu Vaccines (12/18/2020):

Moderna and Pfizer Vaccines (12/18/2020):

Dr. IV Mirus receiving the COVID-19 Vaccination (12/16/2020):

Dr. IV Mirus on COVID-19 vaccines (12/14/2020):

COVID-19 General Information:

Update on masks! (8/12/2020):

The Seasonal Flu vs. COVID-19 (5/20/2020):

ASL Video Series: How does COVID-19 Spread? (4/11/2020):

ASL Video Series: What You Need to Know About Handwashing (4/11/2020):

ASL Video Series: Use the Coronavirus Self Checker to Help Decide When to Call a Doctor

ASL Video Series: Use of Cloth Face Coverings to Help Slow the Spread of COVID-19 (4/11/2020):

ASL Video Series: When to Get Medical Care for COVID-19 (4/2/2020):

ASL Video Series: COVID-19 Do Your Part to Slow the Spread (4/1/2020):

ASL Video Series: Caring for Someone at Home Who May Have COVID-19 (4/1/2020):

ASL Video Series: Social Distancing (4/1/2020):

10 Things You Can do to Manage COVID-19 at Home (3/23/2020):

COVID-19 Prevention Tips in ASL (3/19/2020):

Symptoms of Coronavirus 2019 (3/19/2020):









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