COVID-19 Vaccine Information for the United Center Mass Vaccination Site

Accessibility Services

Phone hotline: If you cannot access the internet, please call 312.746.4835. This hotline is open Monday through Saturday from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, and Sunday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. High call volume is anticipated.

Know Before You Go

  • When you sign up for an appointment, online or by phone, you will be asked if you have any accessibility needs. Be sure to select what accessibility you need for your vaccine appointment.  Prior to a visit, the accessibility request is reviewed and scheduled, as needed.  Onsite staff will also be informed the morning of all accessibility needs requested for the day, so they are ready.
  • If you have your registration, be ready to show the QR code on your registration, using your phone, or bring a printout of your registration. If you do not have access to a phone or printer at home, there are two printers near the registration desk where staff will help you print your registration for free.
  • Expect to spend about 45 minutes. This number is an estimate and can vary by some factors, including if you need 30 minutes instead of 15 minutes of rest after getting the vaccine.
  • You do not need to bring any other information and do not need to show any paperwork about your disability. The only document you need is your QR code or paper printout of the QR code verifying your appointment.
  • It is recommended you bring your own snacks or water if needed.

Arrival Information

  • The entrance drop-off and pick-up point is anywhere on the entire block of Madison (1902 W. Madison), East of Wood Street. The entrance is on the corner of Madison and Wood Streets. 
  • There is a wheelchair valet available just past the entrance for anyone who needs a wheelchair and includes a wheelchair escort.
  • When you arrive at the front registration tent, you can ask to receive the vaccine in the “ADA Assistance” area, which allows you to receive the vaccine without moving from station to station.
  • Staff is available to provide wayfinding assistance.
  • When you arrive, you will need to show your appointment confirmation.
  • There is an accessible restroom. We recommend you use the restroom before you check-in.

Getting Your Vaccine

  • If you are a person with a disability, you can ask to receive the vaccine at a central location, and avoid moving from station to station. When you arrive, ask to be assigned to the ADA Assistance area. 
  • The ADA assistance area is set up in the front entrance tent. There are chairs set up around the tent, following social distance guidelines.  If you come with a companion, your companion will sit next to you.  

TIP:  Ask to get the vaccine in the ADA assistance area if your disability makes it hard to move from station to station. In this area, there are sets of two chairs, so that a companion can sit with you.

  • The alternate option is to move from station to station in the large tents. There are separate tents, for the following: (1) main registration check-in, (2) vaccine station, and (3) post-vaccine resting area.  After you get the vaccine, you will be brought to a room to wait for 15 minutes.   If you mark on your registration that you have had adverse reactions in the past, you will be assigned to a different room, and wait for 30 minutes after receiving the vaccine.

Accessible Parking

  • Accessible parking is available in Lot A, and there are shuttle buses from the parking lots to the entrance (Lot E). The shuttle bus is accessible and has a ramp.
  • Please Note: If the access aisles are shared, make sure there is adequate space to exit your vehicle with a mobility device. In some cases, the car you are parked next to may have to face the opposite direction to access your vehicle. 

Service Animals

  • Service animals are welcome, and staff is aware to permit service animals.

Companion Assistance

  • You can bring one companion with you. Only the individual with the appointment will be vaccinated. 

Available In-Home Vaccination

  • CDPH and the Chicago Fire Department are working together to provide in-home vaccination for senior citizens, 65+, and also individuals with disabilities who are not able to travel to a vaccine site. To sign up, fill out this survey. Please feel free to share with your networks. 

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