Other Useful Info

We greatly appreciate your partnership in participating at MOPD's premier, biennial event.
Finally...our floor plan is complete and also attached, along with the listing of all registered exhibitors and their booth numbers.
We did our best to accommodate all special requests, as well as try something new this year by grouping agencies who have like-minded missions, services, programs, etc.  
We wanted to remind everyone that you will receive your parking pass the morning of the event at the Registration Check-In booth. This pass will comp your parking for the day.  You only pay for parking when you exit the garage, not when you enter the garage.
Please park in the East Garage as this is the garage that places you closest to Festival Hall A.
Per the Registered Exhibitor's FAQ we included in your exhibitor's kit, there's one correction we need to mention. Your parking pass will only work at the gate when you exit the garage.  
You can not use your parking pass to pay for your parking at any of the kiosks throughout the pier, only at the gate when you exit.
The parking pass has no in/out privileges.  
We will have limited quantities of discounted parking passes on a 1st come basis at our Departmental MOPD Booth (which is named on the floor plan)---NOT the Show Office/Registration Check-in booth. The discounted parking is $16.00.  
If your booth size is a 10x10 you will receive ONE parking pass.  If your booth size is a 10x20 or higher, you will receive a maximum of 2 parking passes.  If you need additional parking passes, you are welcome to get the discounted parking passes at the above-mentioned location, as supplies last.
The dock is located on the North Side of Pier.  If you're facing the front of the pier, it would be to the left of the pier, down the street where the bus stops and shelters are located.  You will see the dock ramp when you pass the West garage, veering to the right a little.   Once you exit the dock and come down the ramp and you're ready to park in the East garage, make a right off the ramp and drive until you see the East garage, which won't be much further up the street.
When you get to the dock, there will be MOPD staff to direct you, and one dolly and/or cart to assist you with transporting your materials to your booth location, on a first come basis. Please be prepared to leave a valid ID to use either or both.  Also, please note that if you move-in on the 12th, depending on what time you move, your booth may not be erected. However, either your booth number or name will be marked on the floor where you booth will be located.
We would like for all exhibitors to stay until 5pm when the event ends.  However, if you need to leave earlier for any reason, and you need to use the dock doors to move your materials out, the dock doors will not open until 5pm.  If you can not take your materials with you through the main entrance of the Hall when you're ready to leave, you MUST make arrangements with Valley Expo before you leave to have your materials delivered to you, which is an additional cost.  Any materials left behind at the end of the event will be disposed.   
If you need to reach me or Kimberly Taylor, on the 12th or the morning of the 13th, we can be reached at this number: (312) 595-5700.
We average between 2,000-2,500 attendees.  And although we have expanded our marketing efforts this year, we believe that's still a safe average to plan for the quantity of materials you should bring.
We will have sighted guides, volunteers, sign language (green vests) and language interpreters (which is new this year-in blue vests).  This year we have divided the floor into 3 Zones of 100, 200 and 300 booth series.  We will have MOPD staff assigned as Zone Leaders and they will have radios. If you should need anything, your zone leader will be able to assist you.  All MOPD staff will be identifiable in yellow AccessChicago polo shirts. Volunteers are identifiable in orange t-shirts.  
If you have any questions between now and Monday, you can reach me at my desk line below. Tuesday and Wednesday I will be at the aforementioned number at Navy Pier.
If you were the registration contact only and won't actually be attending, I would greatly appreciate you forwarding this email to the person who will be exhibiting for the day.
Again we thank you, and we hope you enjoy exhibiting with us.  

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