Capital Improvement Program Advisory Committee

The Capital Improvement Advisory Committee (CIAC) was created by Mayor Daley in 1990 by Executive Order 90-2.

Executive Order 90-2, Section One instructs the Office of Budget and Management to annually develop a Capital Improvement Program stating the location, revenue source and name of every capital improvement project undertaken by the City of Chicago. Section Two of the Order establishes public meetings on a Draft of the Capital Improvement Program. The final provision of the Executive Order in Section Three creates a Capital Improvement Advisory Committee (CIAC) to serve as an advisory body for the purpose of reviewing and making recommendations on the Capital Improvement Program and process.

The CIAC continues to provide policy guidance in the planning of the CIP Public Hearing process. In addition, the CIAC coordinated a targeted public meeting for industrial delegates to discuss industrial infrastructure, transportation and economic development. Members of the CIAC co-hosted the public hearings with staff from the Office of Budget and Management. Based on the efforts and recommendations of the CIAC, these public hearings process provided useful guidance for the 2009-2013 CIP.

The members of the CIAC come from all areas of the city, represent many diverse communities and work in various professional fields. The current membership is as follows:

Alice Segal, Chair – Director of Community Affairs at the Anixter Center in Lincoln Park. Ms. Segal also serves on the Community Development Advisory Committee.

Herbert Berg – Senior Electrical Engineer for a mid-sized Consulting Engineering firm located in downtown Chicago. Herb has over 30 years experience in design, project management and construction of projects within the City limits. Herb also is the chairman of the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) – Engineering Excellence Awards committee.

Joyce Dyson – Retired Chicago Public School teacher for 5th and 6th grades. Ms. Dyson is also a resident of the Greater Grand Crossing community and President of the 7300 Drexel Block Club.

Leah Fox-Greenberg – Property Manager for Union Square Condominiums. Also works for Lieberman Management Services.

JoAnne Gray – Retired Principal of the Burnham/Anthony Mathematics & Science Inclusive Academy, a Chicago Public School in the Jeffery Manor community.

Robert Howard – Retired President & CEO of Boys and Girls Clubs of Chicago.

Daryl C. Jackson – Regional Public Health Officer and Administrative Law Judge for the State of Illinois Department of Public Health.

Wallace Johnson – Owner and Operator of Concern Pest Control, retired Cook County Deputy Sheriff, and retired National Basketball Association player.

Gregory Polman – Director of Independent Living Services and Community/Public Affairs for the Chicago Lighthouse for People Who are Blind or Visually Impaired, a community-based education and rehabilitation service provider. Mr. Polman is also a member of the Community Development Advisory Council and the Chicago Workforce Investment Board.

Susanne C. Schnell – Susanne is the Executive Director of Archeworks, an alternative design school and nonprofit think tank in Chicago that addresses social and environmental needs through a multi-disciplinary design process. Prior to her current position, Susanne held an appointment as adjunct research assistant professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago’s City Design Center, where her national best practice research focused on demand building strategies for declining middle-market communities.

Dorothy J. Williams – President of Global Enterprise Management Advisors, a Chicago-based consultancy specializing in process improvement and operational excellence. Ms. Williams is very active in the community by organizing Block Clubs, serving on the Domestic Violence Subcommittee, and serving as a Court Advocate.

Frank J. Williams – Owner and Director of F.J. Williams Realty, a real estate brokerage operating on Chicago’s south side. Mr. Williams has also served the City of Chicago on the Community Development Advisory Committee and the Real Estate Services Advisory Committee.

The members of the CIAC serve one or two year terms. The City accepts applications for CIAC membership on a continual basis, so that the Committee can continue when terms expire or when members can no longer commit their time. Please contact the Office of Budget and Management on 312.744.6670 to apply for CIAC membership.

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