July 30, 2018

Lollapalooza Returns to Chicago This Weekend with Enhanced Security Measures; City Encourages Fans to Enjoy Premier Music Festival Safely

Backpacks prohibited, street closures in place, large crowds expected for four-day fest featuring Bruno Mars, The Weeknd and many other popular performers

The Lollapalooza Music Festival returns to Grant Park on Thursday, August 2, drawing hundreds of thousands to Chicago’s lakefront for the highly anticipated four-day event featuring over 180 performances on eight stages. As the festival gets underway, the Office of Emergency Management and Communications (OEMC) encourages those attending to enjoy a fun and safe event by adhering to safety and security precautions in place, including the new restrictions on the bags allowed in the venue, as well as the restrictions on bottled water. In addition, motorists, pedestrians and residents in the area are reminded of the street closures and traffic impacts throughout the weekend.

Security and Enforcement: Several safety measures are in effect for the safety of everyone entering the event. Upon entry to the festival grounds, event security will be searching all bags, magnetometer screening and conducting pat-downs. Both the City and the event organizers have increased resources, including uniformed and plain clothed personnel, to ensure public safety. As always, underage drinking is not allowed and the ordinance will be strictly enforced. Attendees are reminded that if they see something suspicious to say something to on-site security personnel or call 9-1-1.

Bag Search and Express Lanes: NEW this year: Backpacks are not allowed. Only single-pocket drawstring bags, small purses and totes are allowed. Those that DO NOT bring a bag can enter through the No Bag Express Lane. Those that DO have a bag must enter through the Bag Lane and expect delays as bags are open for inspection. ALL bags will be searched before entry. For your safety, bag sizes will be limited to 14” x11”x5” sized bags or smaller. Please check the list of permitted items in advance or at the gate on www.lollapalooza.com.

Prohibited Items: NEW this year: No liquids will be allowed; however, empty containers and hydration packs are allowed but must be emptied of all liquid and have no more than two pockets in addition to the one holding the water reservoir. Free water at Hydration Stations will be provided inside the venue, which have increased by 20% in response to this security change. For more information on prohibited items, see the website at www.lollapalooza.com/information

Public Safety Alerts: Beginning Monday, July 30, patrons can opt-in to receive NotifyChicago alert messages specific to the event by texting Lolla18 to 81437. Notifications will include weather, traffic, and any other public safety messages related to Lollapalooza.

Street Closures: Beginning tonight, July 30, Columbus Drive will be closed from Monroe Street to Roosevelt Road. Lake Shore Drive or State Street can be used as alternate routes around the festival crowds and closures. In addition, Balbo Drive and Jackson Boulevard are closed from Michigan Avenue to Lake Shore Drive and Congress Parkway (including the Congress Circle) is closed from Michigan Avenue to Columbus Drive. Balbo Drive from Columbus Drive to Lakeshore Drive will remain closed through Thursday, August 9 and Jackson Boulevard from Columbus Drive to Lakeshore Drive will remain closed through Wednesday, August 8. Traffic Control Aides will be deployed to facilitate traffic around the area.

Lockers and Lost and Found: Do not leave items unattended and be mindful of your belongings at all times. Lockers are available for rent just south of the main entrance off Congress. Lost and Found is located at the Info Tent at Columbus and Congress, and attendees can search for missing items at www.lollapalooza.com/lostfound.

Entry/Re-Entry: Attendees should have wristbands securely fastened on their right wrist and visible to security as they enter the festival grounds. All ticketholders are allowed to re-enter the festival three times per day after initial entry. You must be scanned upon exit at the gate in order to re-enter that same day. Ticketholders and their belongings will be searched upon entry and every re-entry to the park.

Medical Safety Resources: After the successful implementation last year, organizers are again complementing the emergency medical resources available at the event with student Safety Team members. The EMT and medical students serving as the Safety Team will be outfitted in light blue t-shirts and will be located throughout Grant Park to seek out patrons who may be in need and help expedite connection with the mobile medic teams so that they get to patients quicker.

Pole Locations: For public safety, attendees are reminded to be aware of the numbers attached to the poles throughout the Grant Park area to help them reference their location within the park to friends, family and first responders if there is an emergency.

Weather Shelters: Attendees should be aware of the emergency evacuation shelter sites located in the Grant Park North, Grant Park South and Millennium Lakeside Garages. Blue and white signage is posted to direct people to designated extreme weather shelters for extreme conditions such as lightning, tornadoes, hail storms or other weather events. The three primary emergency evacuation shelter sites can be accessed through the vehicle entrance on Michigan Avenue.

ADA Drop-Off: ADA drop-off is located at the eastbound curb lane of Monroe from Michigan Avenue to Columbus Drive.

Public Transportation: As for any large scale event, public transportation is encouraged and both CTA and Metra are providing additional service for the event. For more information, visit CTA at www.transitchicago.com and www.metrarail.com.

Taxi Cabs and Car Service: For those traveling to and from the event by taxi or car service, pick-up and drop-off locations will be west of State Street, between Randolph Street and Roosevelt Road.

Weather Conditions: At this point, the National Weather Service is forecasting temperatures in the mid-80s with possible storms on Thursday and temperatures dropping to the low 70s on Friday and Saturday, with temperatures returning to the 80s on Sunday. As always, attendees should dress accordingly to avoid heat-related emergencies. Cooling buses and water stations are available throughout the Lollapalooza footprint and fans are encouraged to bring empty water bottles to the event, and utilize the free water refilling stations around the park to avoid dehydration.

OEMC Traffic and Weather Notifications: The public is also encouraged to register for free emergency alerts. In case of emergency, attendees should be alert to safety messages from the official Lollapalooza Mobile App, video screens at the main entrance and at the three stages, as well as audio announcements broadcasted from all stages.

OEMC works closely with the City's public safety departments, the Chicago Park District and C3 Presents to plan well in advance of the popular event to ensure the safety of performers, music fans and residents. Participants are urged to be familiar with the surrounding area and to heed warnings, if need be. For a map of festival grounds and emergency information, as well as entertainment details, visit the Lollapalooza website at www.lollapalooza.com.


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