Tips to Help Prevent Litter

  1. Set an example by not littering.
  2. Keep a litterbag in your car.
  3. Keep your yard clean and free of things that can blow into the street and become litter.
  4. When you visit a park or beach, remember to take out what you bring in. Keep trash and recyclables in a bag or backpack until you can put them in a litter basket.
  5. Talk to your family and friends about recycling to reduce the amount of litter you throw away.
  6. At home, make sure garbage and recycling bags are tied securely so that loose papers and other items can't fall out and become litter in your alley.
  7. Make sure you close the lid on your refuse containers after depositing your trash or recycling inside. This will prevent refuse from spilling into the alley or street.
  8. Do not overfill refuse containers. Exposed garbage will likely result in litter in the alley or street.
  9. Remove flyers or take-out menus promptly from your front door before they are blown into the neighborhood as litter.