Not-For-Profit Water Conservation Plan


From these pages you can access resources to develop and submit your Water Conservation Plan.  This is a necessary step in becoming eligible for (or keeping) your exemption from water charges as a Not-for-Profit in Chicago.  Your application included a letter of commitment to work with us in developing and filing a plan.  We want to make this easy and helpful to you.  We are not out to turn you into Earth scientists, nor do we want to create financial burdens or distract you from your ministries or operations.

We do want to work with you to avoid waste of the water you are receiving without charge.  We also want to be partners with you in helping your members and neighbors adopt measures that will enhance all of our efforts to be good stewards of a most precious resource.


This will be a very straightforward process.  The steps involved include:

 An audit of water use at your facilities. 

We can combine this Water Use Audit with an Energy Audit conducted by ComEd and Peoples Gas.  This involves a site visit and advice on how to keep energy costs low.  There is a water component to what they do, and it comes with free shower heads and aerators, along with access to an energy rebate program.  A check list provided here will help you complete your water audit.

If you don’t want the Energy Audit, we provide a full self-guided audit kit that involves check lists, video advice, and on-line resources.  The result of completing this easy process is that your Water Conservation Plan pretty much writes itself.  We will provide an on-line form so you can associate tasks with dates and cost estimates.

Our suggestion is that you go for the inexpensive and easy steps first.  We believe that forward progress is the main goal at this point.  You can plan for bigger steps, and only take them if they make sense to you. 
While conservation has many virtues, we understand that your organization may have limited means and choices have to make sense for your operations..

At any point along the way, you can email us with questions or requests at


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