Commercial Development



Commercial development is defined as an establishment involving an activity with goods, merchandise, or services for sale; also includes mixed-used buildings 

Potential buyers can also review an application checklist at this link: 

Sale price:

  • Market value


  • Be a business owner, non-profit organization or developer with experience constructing similar projects
  • Have a site plan and proposed budget for the project
  • Have capacity to finance the project
  • Identify proposed tenants
  • Have experience developing similar housing projects
  • Have support from surrounding community for the project
  • Have capacity to maintain and care for the lot
  • Have ability to pay property taxes on the land

Application materials needed:

  • Detailed project description and site plan
  • Project budget
  • Representative image of proposed building design
  • Description of impact on adjacent neighbors and surrounding neighborhood

Other considerations: 

  • Make sure your project meets the current zoning requirements
  • Review DPD’s Neighborhood Design Guidelines and ensure you have a path to compliance
  • Permits for the development must be obtained prior to closing and within one year of your application being accepted

How the land sale process works

Review the steps below to apply for vacant land.