Market Rate: Housing that will be occupied by the builder or sold or rented at market rate

Potential buyers can also review an application checklist at this link: 

Sale price:

  • Market value

Eligible buyers will:

  • Be a resident or developer
  • Have a site plan and proposed budget for the project
  • Have experience developing similar housing projects
  • Have support from surrounding community for the proposed project
  • Have capacity to maintain and care for the lot
  • Have ability to pay property taxes on the land

Application materials required:

  • Detailed project description and site plan
  • Project budget
  • Representative image of proposed housing design
  • Description of impact on adjacent neighbors and surrounding neighborhood

Other considerations:

  • Consider the project zoning: if the land has a higher zoning (RM-5 or higher), there is a preference for purchasing adjacent parcels and building high-density housing over single family homes
  • Review DPD’s Neighborhood Design Guidelines and ensure you have a path to compliance
  • Research the costs of building a home and ensure you have a path to fund the project
  • Permits must be obtained prior to closing and the project must be completed within one year from closing.

Affordable: For sale housing that will be affordable to households at up to 140% of area median income (AMI)

Land can be purchased for the construction of affordable housing via the Department of Housing’s City Lots for Working Families (CL4WF) program. CL4WF provides vacant, City-owned lots to developers of affordable single-family homes and two flats for $1 each. Through the program, eight to 20 City-owned lots with a maximum appraised value of $125,000 can be conveyed per developer for each project. Homes must be made available to qualified buyers with incomes up to 140 percent of area median income. To apply for CL4WF:

  1. Read more about CL4WF and learn about program requirements.
  2. Visit the City-owned land map and identify the parcels you would like to purchase.
  3. Complete the eligibility questionnaire indicating you want to build affordable housing.
  4. Once you are directed to the application, select the "Affordable Housing - City Lots for Working Families” option and complete your application. 

How the land sale process works

Review the steps below to apply for vacant land.