Open Space



Open space is un-developed spaces for community and recreation, such as gardens, parks, plazas, and other community spaces 

Potential buyers can also review an application checklist at this link: 

Sale price:

  • 10% of market value

Eligible buyers will:

  • Be a resident, non-profit organization, or next-door business owner
  • Have a site plan, budget, and program for the project
  • Have support from the nearby community for the project
  • Be able to maintain and care for the lot
  • Be able to pay property taxes on the land
  • Projects need to be completed within one year from closing

Application materials required:

  • Detailed project description and site plan
  • Project budget
  • Description of impact on next door neighbors and surrounding community
  • Proof of support for the project from neighbors, such as letters of support, presentations at community meetings, or consistency with neighborhood plans.

How the land sale process works

Review the steps below to apply for vacant land.