City of Chicago Executive Order 2021-2

The first major component of the Executive Order is to require contractors to submit projections as to when and to what extent in the schedule of contract performance the certified firms are expected to be used on contracts that contain certified firm participation goals. 

  • Relatedly, contractors will also be required to submit quarterly reports on the usage of certified firms throughout the duration of the contract, comparing actual usage with projected usage, and including an explanation and recovery plan if participation is materially below the projected usage.

For the second major component of the Executive Order, contractors that have agreements with the City (including redevelopment agreements) will be required to submit annual reports that contain a description of the Contractor’s Business Diversity Program, or report the lack thereof, and include any available information as to its expenditure on goods and services from minority- owned firms and women-owned firms during the prior calendar year.

  • Contractors shall submit their reports to the City office designated by the Mayor from time to time by July 1st of each year. 
  • Additionally, for reports due this year, information shall be provided regarding expenditures in calendar years 2019 as well as 2020.  
  • The Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) shall cooperate with Assist Agencies to promote those agencies’ and the City’s efforts to encourage and enhance business diversity on an ongoing basis.  
  • After sufficient information has been gathered, the CPO, Deputy Mayor for Neighborhood and Economic Development, and Chief Equity Officer shall make recommendations to the Mayor regarding future programs related to diverse participation on City Contractors’ non-City business and similar initiatives.

Rules for Reporting of Business Diversity Programs and Utilization of Certified Firms Pursuant to Mayoral Executive Order 2021-2