How can I Help?

Attend A Community Event

CARE is an ongoing dialogue–we listen to our residents and local leaders to learn what’s most important to them. After all, each community knows and understands its unique needs and often is the best source for a solution.  To give us your feedback, attend an upcoming event in your local community.


Take Action

There are a variety of ways to take action. You can contact your local public officials–if you’re not sure who they are, you can look them up by entering your address here or here to find your alderman. Another way to make a difference is to get involved with your community collaborative–check the map below to find one where you live. Through a collaborative, you’ll find opportunities to volunteer and to raise awareness of CARE programs in your neighborhood. You can also encourage family, friends, and neighbors to utilize the many resources CARE provides.

CARE Collaboratives

Care Collaboratives