1. PROVIDE CENSUS KIOSKS AT BUSINESS LOCATIONS: Add census kiosks to your stores, factories, or high-volume office locations as a way to offer digital access to employees who may struggle in filling out the census digitally. Sign up to host a kiosk here.
  2. DISTRIBUTE CENSUS INFORMATION TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC: Add inserts to letters or bills and include census information in electronic communications reminding customers about the census and why it’s safe and easy to fill out.
  3. MAKE THE CENSUS VISIBLE: Place city-provided signs and placards in your business informing people about the census or send a PSA from the Mayor to your employees. 
  4. ENCOURAGE PARTICIPATION THROUGH FREEBIES: Similar to voting initiatives, offer discounts and giveaways for customers who fill out the census.
  5. PARTICIPATE IN COMMUNITY EVENTS: Attend a resource or community engagement fair to teach neighborhood residents about the census and how to fill it out.


Work for the Census Bureau


  • Email us at, subject line ‘Census 2020 Volunteer’ with your volunteer interests and we will be in touch!

Join a Complete Count Subcommittee

  • Email us at, subject line ‘Census 2020 Subcommittee’ with the subcommittee you would like to join and we will be in touch!