Frequently Asked Questions

You can apply online at You can also apply in person at any Chicago Public Library. We also accept applications by mail, you can do so by placing your completed application in an envelope with proper postage and addressing it to Chicago Moves at 121 N Lasalle. Floor 7, Chicago IL, 60602. It must be received by the office before the deadline and must not be damaged (even if it’s a result of the postal carrier), for these reasons we strongly encourage you to submit online from home or visit your local librarian who can help you submit online or on paper!

We need your name, address, valid email address, household size, and household income for all applications, additionally if you apply for the gas card you must also provide a valid city sticker number and a valid license plate number. Failure to include any of these will result in you being excluded from the application process.

Enter your most recent address and opt to pick up your card at city hall.

Yes, all necessary materials are available in multiple languages online and at your local library branch.

All applicants who are awarded a card will be notified by email. A valid email is required to apply.

You may only apply once; multiple applications will not be considered.

Only one application per household will be considered. If your relative or spouse is a part of your same household only one applicant will be considered.

  • It is the combined gross income of all members of a household over 18.
  • Individuals do NOT have to be related to be considered a member of the household.

Gross income includes any: wages, salaries, tips, interest, dividends, IRA distributions, pension/annuity benefits, social security benefits, capital gains, or other income.

A member of your household is anyone who shares their current primary residential address with you regardless of their relation, age, or income.

The card is ready immediately upon receiving it. Fuel cards can only be used at the pump at gas stations located in Chicago and are restricted to motor vehicle fuel. Transit cards can be used immediately at any Ventra vending machine or retail location across the city. The transit card can also be used on both the Ventra app and the Ventra website.

  • If you have received your card and have a card issue, you should contact Onbe (North Lane Technologies) at the number or email on the back of the card. 
  • If it has been longer than 45 days since you were notified of your selection and you have not yet received your card, you should contact Onbe (North Lane Technologies) at the number or email on the back of the card. 
  • If you have other questions about the application process or whether you were selected or not, you can contact our helpline at (312)742-3317.

The funds on your cards will be valid for 12 months after you receive the card. If you do not spend the entire balance within 12 months you can contact the card provider (North Lane Technologies Inc.) within the following 6 months for a 12-month extension. Their contact information is on the back of your card. Their helpline is 866-503-5317.

To replace your card, contact the card administrator (North Lane Technologies). You can find their contact information on the back of your card. Their helpline is 866-503-5317. They will assist you in replacing your lost/damaged card.

To get your card to you in the simplest and fastest way possible, we strongly recommend you have your card mailed to you. However, if you need to pick your card up in person you may select it on your application and if you are selected you will be contacted via email with further instructions on how you can pick up your card at City Hall.

A spouse or relative may not pick up a card for you. The ID of the person picking up the card must match the name on the application. We strongly encourage all applicants to receive their card via mail.

No, cards will only be accepted at the pump and will not work for any item that is not motor fuel.

CTA passes and other products can be purchased at CTA stop Ventra vending machines, Ventra retail locations as well as online. For more information on ways you can add value to your Ventra card visit the Ventra website.

Paper applications can be submitted in person at any Chicago Public Library location. Your local Librarian can also help you complete the application via our website To be considered for that month’s lottery your submission must be made by the first business day of that month, otherwise it will not be placed in the lottery until the following month.

  • You will only be contacted by email if you have been selected to receive a gas or transit card.
  • If you submitted your application online or at the library, we have received it and will process it before the following months lottery.
  • If you applied via direct mail, we unfortunately cannot guarantee it’s receipt, we strongly encourage applicants to submit by web for this reason.