Southwest Side Neighborhood Bike Network

Southwest Side Neighborhood Bike Network

Person standing next to table with printed neighborhood map displayed on it

CDOT is building a Neighborhood Bike Network in Brighton Park, Gage Park, McKinley Park! The result will be a series of connected bike routes which allow neighbors to easily get to all the places they want and need to go by bike.

A well-designed network not only provides connections within a neighborhood, but also connects surrounding neighborhoods to one another. A connected network of bikeways can improve the accessibility, safety, public health, and overall quality of life for communities across Chicago.

Project Goals

The Neighborhood Bike Network will be developed through collaboration with the community, including a Taskforce of community leaders from Brighton Park, Gage Park, and McKinley Park to help guide this process. The Taskforce will:

  • Facilitate discussion on the role that transportation plays in the neighborhoods
  • Identify the important destinations, connections, and barriers to moving around the neighborhoods
  • Identify opportunities to implement a Quick-Build Network of bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure beginning in 2023 and continuing in 2024
  • Spread the word about this initiative and discuss the benefits of biking with neighbors
Infrastructure Highlights

In 2024, CDOT will begin installing a Quick-Build Network of projects. Then in the following years we will continue the conversation and install longer-term projects

Project Location

Brighton Park, Gage Park, and McKinley Park.