Reckless Driving

Reckless Driving

Reckless & Egregious Driving

86% of traffic fatalities involved reckless or egregious driving behavior. This increases to 91% when a motorist is killed in a crash. Graphic of two cars crashing.

Reckless or egregious driving behavior includes running red lights and stop signs, wild maneuvers across lanes and around turns, wrong-way driving, jumping curbs, and usually at higher speeds. 

The circumstances around these behaviors are so varied that they are impossible to track statistically. Tragically, many people involved don’t survive to provide reasons or explanations.

Drivers in a Striking Vehicle

In 63% of motorist fatalities, the victim was a driver or passenger in the striking vehicle. Graphic of a steering wheel.

More than half of drivers and passengers killed in traffic crashes were in the striking vehicle that originated the collision. Meaning that the driver’s own behavior – regardless of circumstances—resulted in their own death or the death of a person they know. This happens in 63% of driver or passenger fatalities.

Hit & Run

55% of all pedestrian traffic deaths in 2023 resulted from hit and run crashes

Reasons for hit and run crashes are not fully understood. Some drivers flee to escape the consequences of the crash or even a separate criminal act. They may even be oblivious to the crash itself due to vehicle sightlines or other distractions. Anyone involved in a crash should report to police as soon as possible.

Over half of pedestrian deaths in Chicago involved hit-and-run drivers in 2023.

Disregarding Traffic Signs & Signals

17% of traffic fatalities involved disregarding traffic signs and signals. Graphic of traffic signal.

Almost a quarter of traffic deaths in 2023 involved a driver running a red light or a stop sign. 

Data Source: Chicago crash statistics featured on this page are based on Chicago Police Department provisional data for 2023.

More Traffic Safety Issues

Vehicle Speed & Size

Two thirds of Chicago traffic deaths involved drivers traveling at high speeds. Over half of pedestrians killed in the city are hit by an SUV or larger vehicle.

Persistent Inequities

Chicagoans who face the greatest barriers to health, income, and personal safety are also the most likely to die in traffic crashes.