Transit Infrastructure

Transit Infrastructure

Evolving our streets to make the transit experience safer, more efficient, and more comfortable.

Getting to and from transit

Prioritizing safety and accessibility upgrades for people to reach their stop and their final destination.

Waiting and boarding

Creating a comfortable, accessible, and smooth experience.

Riding the bus

Redesigning City roadways to speed up bus service and increase reliability.

Transit is a vital part of Chicago’s active transportation network. Through strong agency partnerships, CDOT provides on-street infrastructure to boost efficiency for Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) and Pace buses, and to improve access to transit stops for people walking and biking. Initiatives range in scale, including the creation on-street Bus Priority Zones, corridor innovations for shared bike and bus travel, and construction and overhaul of elevated stations. 

Featured Innovation

Bus Boarding Islands

CDOT worked closely with CTA to develop a variety of bus boarding island designs which enhance bus operations and eliminate bus-bike conflicts at bus stops. These features enable bus operators to pick up and drop off passengers without needing to merge in and out of traffic, or cross into bike lanes at the curbside.

Bus boarding islands will become a regular feature of protected bike lanes along bus routes, with dozens of locations already planned and under design improve the bus riding experience.

Ongoing Initiatives

Better Streets for Buses

The Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) and CDOT recently released the City’s first framework plan to improve street infrastructure for public bus service.

Better Streets for Buses lays the groundwork for ongoing bus infrastructure improvements by establishing a network of corridors to prioritize and a toolbox of street treatments to consider as solutions to facilitate faster, more reliable bus service and improve the bus riding experience.

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