Waiting for and Boarding the Bus

Waiting for and boarding the bus

CDOT and CTA are investing in improvements for the time passengers spend waiting for the bus and boarding the bus.

For more information about transit including fares and schedules, please visit the CTA site: Chicago Transit Authority


Accessibility Improvements

Through Chicago's infrastructure bond program, CDOT has identified bus stops requiring accessibility upgrades. These improvements include paving within a grass parkway so the bus ramp can deploy properly and creating an accessible path from the sidewalk to the bus stop. Nearly 100 upgrades have been completed with more upcoming. 

CTA offers variety of features for people with disabilities, more information is available at transitchicago.com/accessibility.

Concrete Bus Pads

Concrete bus pads are stronger and longer lasting than basic asphalt pavement. Under the weight of heavy buses, asphalt can break up into potholes and bulges that pool with water and make it difficult for buses to be pulled all the way to the curb. Whenever streets are repaved CDOT installs concrete pads at bus stops so that riders have a better, drier waiting and boarding experience.

More Transit Improvements

Getting to and from transit

Prioritizing safety and accessibility upgrades for people to reach their stop and their final destination.

Riding the bus

Redesigning City roadways to speed up bus service and increase reliability.