Divvy Offering Additional Transportation Option

To ensure that an additional transportation option is available for Chicagoans during the current health crisis, Mayor Lightfoot has directed CDOT and its bikeshare partner Divvy to  offer steeply discounted memberships and single "Dollar Divvy" rides for a one-month period.  Divvy will be gearing up its operations to ensure bikes and stations remain available.

During the month-long period starting on Wednesday, March 18, an annual Divvy membership will be cut in half from $99 to $49.50; and "Dollar Divvy" single rides, good for 30 minutes, will be offered at a 66 percent discount from the $3 regular cost.

In addition, Divvy will be working with its partners in the low-cost Divvy for Everyone (D4E) program to enable more Chicagoans to sign up for the low cost membership available to economically-disadvantaged individuals that costs only $5 for an entire year.

Mayor Lightfoot issued the directive to ensure that those who do need to commute to work or travel within the City during the ongoing public health crisis have an affordable option available to them.
Divvy can be a useful option within the public transit system, creating first-mile/last-mile connections to CTA and Metra which remain the central transit systems for commuting in Chicago.

Additional information on how Divvy is responding to the crisis: Divvy has been closely monitoring the situation and is taking action necessary to help protect the safety of the community. It has been following updates on COVID-19, including guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Chicago Department of Public Health.

Helping with prevention: Divvy has been aggressively increasing its cleaning protocols. High-contact surfaces on bikes are being disinfected each time they arrive at the depot. High contact surfaces on vans used to transport vehicles are being disinfected at the start of each shift. In addition, associates are wearing gloves when handling bikes both in the depot and at high traffic stations.

Q: What is the cost of discount offer: The cost of the discount offer is sponsored by CDOT, which owns Divvy. The bike share system is operated by Lyft, under a contract with the City of Chicago.