Business Self-certification

 Complete the self-certification process to earn your "VAX CHI NATION" badge of approval!

Getting vaccinated is the best way to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Proof of vaccination is becoming a common requirement at many establishments, and many employers are requiring that employees be fully vaccinated. 

Please complete the following questionnaire to show your commitment to protecting Chicago by requiring proof of vaccination from patrons and employees. Please note that if your business qualifies for approved self-certification, this does NOT exempt your business from enforcement of city, state, and federal laws by government departments and agencies like indoor masking requirements. 

If you qualify for self-certification, please post your self-certification badge in a prominent location at your place of work and on social media to show your support! #VaxChiNation

    Review the latest public health guidance to ensure that you understand the city's recommendations for business operations.
    Once you review, prepare your business planfor ensuring patrons and staff are vaccinated.
    Once your plan is complete, complete the survey below to indicate your willingness and ability to create a fully vaccinated environment.