Business self-certification

 Complete the self-certification process to earn your "Be Safe. Chicago" badge of approval!

​During the "Be Safe. Chicago" phases of reopening, the City of Chicago leadership wants to ensure that businesses are meeting or exceeding requirements of the "Be Safe. Chicago" guidelines put in place by Chicago's city government to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

​We highly encourage employers to indicate your ability to comply with the city's standards by completing the self-certification process. If interested, please be sure to do the following :

    Review the industry guidelines  to ensure that you understand the city's business operational standards for each phase of reopening.
    Once you review, prepare your reopening business plan and ensure that it is operationally compliant with the city's standards.
    Once your plan is complete, complete the survey below  to indicate your willingness and ability to comply and commit to the "Be Safe. Chicago" guidelines during reopening.