Chicago Artists Join the Vaccination Campaign (Vax*Chi*Nation)

The City of Chicago, in collaboration with the Design Museum of Chicago, commissioned local artists to create original designs depicting health, vitality, community and vaccine distribution to encourage everyone to get vaccinated.

Check out the upcoming free events and the work of the artists below, and share with friends and family. Let’s get everyone vaccinated so we can Protect Chicago!

Current VaxChiArt Murals on Display

  • Artist Sentrock in Austin at 5908 W Chicago Avenue

Chicago Star Chicago Star Chicago Star Chicago Star

Pouya Ahmadi

Ruben Aguirre

Ebere Agwuncha

Langston Allston

Zach Bartz

Lynn Basa

Andy Bellomo

Jenny Beorkrem

Jameel Bridgewater

Bryana Bibbs

Ben Blount

Rashayla Marie Brown

Emmy Star Brown

CHema Skandal

Maya Cole

Andrea Coleman

Summer Coleman

Could Be Architecture



Roman De Lion

Dont Fret

Shannon Downey (Badass Cross Stitch)

Hector Duarte

Carolyn Elaine

Elloo Elloo

Jen Farrell

Bob Faust

Joi Fulton

Esther Garcia

Luz Godina

Fantasia Graham

Dan Grzeca

Rosemary Holiday Hall

Alice Hargrave

Matthew Hoffman

Armani Howard

Cody Hudson

Cristiaan Jackson

Ashley King

Won Kim

Kelly Knaga

Aaliyah Lachel'e

Anthony Lewellen

Ashley Lin

Cristi López

Alyssa Low

Thomas Lucas

Maya Bird Murphy

William O'Brien

Okay Type

Josue Pellot

Jason Pickleman

Penny Pinch


Queen Hibbler

Dana Todd Pope

Asher Perlman

Justus Roe

Carlos Rolon

Moises Salazar

Johnny Sampson

Lori Seidemann

Carlos Segura


Ariel Sinha


Star Shaped

Substance Collective

The Kid From Pilsen

LaShun Tines

Eileen Tjan

Totes Ferosh

Unyimeabasi Udoh (Uno)

Gabriel Villa

Visceral Dance

Thomas Williams

Tanner Woodford

Jeff Zimmerman