Percent of First COVID-19 Vaccine Doses Administered by Race/Ethnicity Over Time

Percent of First Doses Administered by Race and Ethnicity

Under Protect Chicago, vaccination reports will reflect Chicago demographics/look like Chicago.

  • 59% of Chicagoans are Black or Latinx*.
  • Yet in the first week of COVID vaccination in Chicago, when vaccine was only available to health care workers and all vaccine eligibility was linked to employment status, only 18% of COVID vaccines went to Black or Latinx Chicagoans.
  • In more recent weeks of COVID vaccination in Chicago, with vaccine available to people 65+ and front-line essential workers, community partners building vaccine confidence and access, and our Protect Chicago equity-driven distribution strategy in place, the make-up of those who have received a first dose is more reflective of the demographic make-up of Chicago*.  
  • We still have a long way to go to achieve equity, but our city’s Protect Chicago initiatives are yielding real improvements. Track our progress in the chart below.

*Chicago demographics: 32.9% White, non-Latinx; 29.8% Black, non-Latinx; 29.0% Latinx; 6.7% Asian, non-Latinx

Line chart showing Percent of first doses administered by race/ethnicity over time in Chicago. Latinx = 39.9; Black, non-Latinx = 28.2%; White, non-Latinx = 24.0%; Asian, non-Latinx = 7.3%; AI/AN, non-Latinx = 0.5%; PI/NH, non-Latinx - 0.2%

AI/AN = American Indian/Alaska Native, PI/NH = Pacific Islander/Native Hawaiian

Data reported through 6/7/21. Percentage calculated among those with known race ethnicity. Due to a change in how ‘Other race’ is being captured in I-CARE, ‘Other, non-Latinx’ is no longer being displayed on this graphic; instead, AI/AN and PI/NH are shown.

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