An image that says: Chi Device Donation Month in white text. over a purple background There is an image of a laptop with a hand typing, and a white star. White text on a turquoise background reads: 260K Chicago households don't have a computer. Help close the digital divide by donating your organization's retired devices! There is a City of Chicago logo, and a website that says: chi.gov/DeviceDonation.

Calling all local companies and organizations, help close Chicago's computer gap today!


Take the pledge to donate your organization’s retired computers today!  

For many Chicagoans, the cost of a laptop or desktop computer is a barrier to digital equity. Approximately 260,000 households in Chicago – nearly 1 in 4 of all households – do not own a laptop or desktop. Through the Chicago Digital Equity Council, 61% of participants discussed affordability as a barrier to digital equity, with 29% saying that devices are too costly. In a citywide survey, nearly half of respondents without a device are living in extreme poverty. (Check out the City’s Digital Equity Plan to learn more.) 

Instead of being sent to landfills or recycled, retired corporate computers and e-waste like mice and keyboards can be refurbished and redirected to families in need.  

Thanks to recommendations from the Chicago Digital Equity Council, the Mayor’s Office and World Business Chicago are partnering with PCs for People  and Compudopt to increase the number of devices being refurbished and distributed to families.


How does it work?

Once you complete the interest form below, a representative from one of the non-profit partners will reach out to answer your questions and schedule a pickup. After computers are picked up, they are securely wiped and refurbished. Refurbished computers are offered for free or at a low cost to low-income families in Chicago.

Interested in taking the pledge to donate your organization’s retired computers?

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If you don’t have computers to donate this month, but are interested in donating another time or learning more, you can still take the pledge by clicking here.