Electrical-Only Permit

Electrical-Only Permits: How to Apply Online

Electrical-only permits are available via an online interface for licensed electrical contractors and expediters.


To begin an electrical-only permit application, an authorized user must log in to their account on the Dynamic Portal. The account must be linked to a valid electrical contractor or expediter license.

First, click “Apply for a Permit.”

Choose “Electric Wiring” from the drop down.

Enter job location and details about the building.

Click “Next.”

Enter the job description.

Click “Next.”

Enter electrical details.

Click “Next.”

Add additional contacts or contractors as required.

Click “Next.”

Accept terms and conditions. If no alert conditions exist and plan review is not required, you will be able to pay by credit card and print your permit certificate in about five minutes.

To resolve any outstanding alerts on your application dcapelectr@cityofchicago.org.

If your project requires plan review, you will receive an invitation to submit drawings through the City of Chicago’s ProjectDox system.

You must pay by credit card.


You must be associated with a licensed electrical contractor or expediter in good standing to apply for electrical-only permits online.

Stand-alone electrical work is eligible; electrical work associated with construction work occurring under a separate building permit is not. A permit must be obtained for all installations or alterations of electric equipment. A permit must be obtained before the work is started.

Electrical work must be completed in strict accordance with the Chicago Electrical Code.

Electrical meters must be installed in accordance with the property’s legal number of dwelling units.

In the application, you must identify the specific address where work will be performed. Locations on corners will not be accepted. The street number must be correct. A person doing work at any other location than that specified in the permit is in violation.

Any inaccurate information provided on this application shall be grounds for revocation of the permit and possibly of your license.

An electrical contractor may not make connection to existing wiring that is defective or unsafe. In all cases, an electrical contractor installing apparatus in addition to existing loads will be held responsible for any overload of service, branch mains, or circuits.