Construction Trailer

Terms and Conditions for Construction Trailer

Temporary structure

Work authorized by this permit must comply with the requirements for temporary structures in the General Terms and Conditions for New Construction and Temporary Structures.

Single level

Each trailer installed under this permit may have only one level and must be installed at ground level. A multi-level or multi-story trailer, or trailer that will be installed on another structure requires a plan-based permit application.


This permit is valid for the date range stated on the permit certificate, based on the date range requested in the permit application. On or before the end date, the trailer(s) must be removed or an extension permit obtained.

Associated with ongoing construction

Each trailer installed under this permit must be associated with ongoing building construction, rehabilitation, or demolition activity on the site. Each trailer must be removed within three months of the end of building construction, rehabilitation, or demolition activity on the site, even if that date is before the end date on the permit.

Electrical work

Electrical work must comply with the edition of the Chicago Electrical Code in effect at the time when the permit application was submitted to the Department of Buildings. Electrical work must be performed by the Chicago-licensed electrical contractor listed on the permit application.

Worker toilet facilities

A trailer used as a construction office or sales office must have access to adequate worker toilet facilities. Temporary worker toilet facilities may be provided as temporary nonsewer toilets or access to permanent toilet facilities in an adjacent building.