Housing Showcase


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Sweet home resources for Chicago home owners, property owners and renters!

Welcome to the 2022 Housing Showcase, a service of the City of Chicago’s Dept. of Housing.

Here, you will learn about programs and opportunities that can help make owning or renting your home a more comfortable experience.  Get started by clicking the box below that describes your current status. Or, go to our Resources section for a full list of programs.

Please note that programs are limited to funding availability. Applicants must meet all eligibility requirements.

Buy a home

Your income shouldn’t be a barrier to home ownership. Grants, forgivable loans and other programs can help you buy a single-family, 2- or 4-unit property. You can do it; begin your journey here.

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Get help with home repairs

Having a home is one thing; keeping it is another. Preserve your house by getting help for emergency repairs, doing an essential rehab, or upgrading for energy efficiency. Your toolkit starts here.

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Keep everyone safe at home

Independent living for older adults and people with disabilities means having a home that’s accessible, safe and secure. You could be eligible for city grants for small repairs. Learn more here.

Boost curb appeal

Your home can be as attractive on the outside as you make it on the inside. Learn how a new tree or porch, roof and sidewalk repairs are within your reach. begin your journey here.

open lot with apartment building on the site
Strengthen your block

Increase your home’s value and make your block more welcoming by bringing the city’s resources to troubled buildings and vacant lots. See how you and the city can start something good.

Know renters’ rights

Most renters have great relationships with their landlords; sometimes, there are problems. When facing eviction, lockouts or more, renters must know their right

Thank you for visiting the online housing showcase, presented by the City of Chicago’s Dept. of Housing. Programs featured here are limited to funding availability, and applicants must meet all eligibility requirements. Images are used with secured rights and permission. Contact the Dept. of Housing