Community Partners

  • Technical Assistance—Citywide: These delegate agencies provide training and technical assistance, regarding Fair Housing compliance, property management, rental issues, affordable housing issues, etc, to non-profits and industry-related entities in low to moderate income areas.  The Chicago Department of Housing provides funding to these non-profit citywide centers offering the specialized services.
    • All these agencies have outreach programs to disseminate information, training and assistance throughout the City. The TACIT agencies work together with the Technical Assistance - Community (TACOM) based delegate agencies. 
  • Technical Assistance - Community (TACOM) agencies provide housing-related information, problem solving, community events, workshops and housing fairs to assist low- and moderate-income homeowners, renters, landlords, and unhoused individuals. TACOM agencies connect people to housing resources and services. 
  • Housing Counseling Centers Program (HCC)– Provides an eight-hour homebuyer education certificate, which may include six hours of pre-purchase education counseling and two hours of individual counseling to potential buyers. Agencies also provide personalized foreclosure prevention counseling and education to at-risk homeowners. The HUD-approved agencies can assist at-risk homeowners by making direct contact with their current lenders or servicers regarding loss mitigation options. 
  • Small Accessible Repair for Seniors (SARFS)
    SARFS Delegate Agencies provide enabling devices to one to four-unit residences occupied by low-and moderate-income seniors who are at least 60 years of age. The program addresses accessibility, safety, and security issues by providing much-needed upgrades, including grab bars, ramps, and other repairs so that seniors can maintain their independence. Income-eligible applicants may qualify for up to $5,000 in assistance for repairs and enabling devices.
    • Through its subset program, SARFS Ramp and Lift, installation of lifts is possible through DOH’s partnership with the Mayor’s Office of People with Disabilities (MOPD). Income eligible applications may qualify for up to $15,000 in assistance for lift and ramp installations.
  • Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO)
    CHDO organizations are nonprofit 501(c)(3) development agencies established to develop affordable housing or carry out other qualified initiatives. CHDO organizations are provided operating support to existing CHDO organizations for administrative skill building and support to carry out affordable housing projects in the community they serve.

  • Neighborhood Lending Program (NLP)
    Delegate Agencies are nonprofit lenders with an Illinois Residential Mortgage License. Income-eligible Chicago residents may qualify for a loan and/or grants for home improvement, home ownership preservation and home purchase or purchase-rehab activity. Loans and grants are issued by Neighborhood Lending Services, Inc. (NLS), the lending arm of Neighborhood Housing Services of Chicago, Inc (NHS). NLS is a nonprofit Illinois Residential Mortgage licensee (#M00661) and an equal opportunity lender.