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Suspended License, Booting, Ticketing and Towing Reforms

The Lightfoot Administration has implemented new reforms around driver’s license suspension, booting, ticketing and towing.

Ticketing and Boot Reforms

  • 24 Hour Extension On Booted Cars: After a car has been booted, an individual has 24 hours to either pay in full or get on a payment plan before their car is towed. Under the terms of the new law, individuals can request an additional 24 hours to make a payment prior to a tow. To take advantage call 312-744-7275(PARK)
  • End Doubling of City Sticker Tickets: Previously, city sticker tickets doubled from $200 to $400 after late fees. Now, city sticker tickets will only be $250 with late fees.
  • Reinstate 15-Day Grace Period For City Sticker Tickets: Previously, Chicago drivers had a 15 day grace period after the expiration of their city stickers before they were ticketed. Under the recently passed ordinance, that grace period is restored. If you receive a ticket in error within 15 days of your City Sticker expiration date, please call 312-744-7275(PARK) for assistance with dismissal of the ticket.
  • No Same-Day Or Consecutive Day Ticketing For Compliance Violations: If a resident receives a ticket for a compliance violation like not having a city sticker or valid license plate, they will have a full day to get into compliance before they are allowed to be ticketed again. If a resident does receive a ticket on the same day or in consecutive days, simply call 312-744-7275(PARK) for the ticket to be dismissed.

Driver’s License Suspension Reforms

  • City Level: The City has stopped suspending driver’s licenses where the violations involved are non-driving violations such as parking tickets, city sticker tickets, or license plate expiration tickets.
  • State Level: The City supported the License to Work Act (SB 1786), which ends driver’s license suspensions for failure to pay non-driving violations throughout the State. The legislation recently passed the Illinois General Assembly and awaits the Governor’s signature. Once the bill is signed, the Illinois Secretary of State will restore driver’s licenses to all individuals who were suspended for non-driving violations.