All babies learn and develop at their own pace, but there are certain “milestones” that you and your baby’s doctor will discuss and track as your baby grows.

What are milestones?

Developmental milestones are activities and things that most babies can do at certain ages. Development is divided into different areas:

  • Communication (language)
  • Movement (motor)
  • Play and social skills (social-emotional)
  • Learning/memory/attention (cognitive)

Every baby develops slightly differently. Some babies learn language a little faster; some focus on movement a little more. But most babies should be able to do certain things in each of the development areas by a certain age. Watching how your baby plays, interacts, soothes, speaks, and moves will help you learn about their development. At every check up, you and your baby’s doctor will discuss milestones and how to help your baby continue to learn and grow.

How parents can help with development

  • You can help your baby develop by talking, singing, and interacting with them and by practicing tummy time every day. For more, see Tummy Time and Talking, Reading, Singing & Playing.
  • Track your baby’s development. When you know what to expect, it will be easier to tell if your baby is developing on track. You can use online resources such as the CDC’s Developmental Milestones website and Milestone Tracker app.
  • Visit the American Academy of Pediatrics Bright Futures website and to to learn more about development and track your baby’s progress.

What to do if you’re concerned

If you have concerns about your baby’s development, talk with their doctor. They will listen to your concerns, check your baby’s development, and help connect your family with developmental resources such as Early Intervention and therapies that can help with your baby’s development.

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