90-Day Plan: Summer 2020

On June 2nd, 2020, Mayor Lightfoot committed to working with Police Superintendent Brown on the following police reform measures within 90 days. In alignment with the commitment timeline, these priority reforms were completed on September 1st,. 2020.


  1. Better and different training for police officers which brings the community into the academy as teachers. District law enforcement will receive training on the history of neighborhoods taught from the perspective of community members.

  2. Implementing a real officer wellness program and completing the Officer Support System pilot that provide supports for officers in crisis, improving the peer support program and providing counselors to those in need. Officers must have better tools to manage the trauma and stress experienced on the job.

  3. Mandating crisis intervention and procedural justice training for all officers. Providing real tools for officers and community members to deescalate challenging situations.

  4. Establishing a new recruit program on police-community relations and community policing with views from the community about what works.