Summer Safety

This summer, the City of Chicago is implementing a brand new stategy that addresses community safety at a hyperlocal level. Through identifying priority areas of focus and promoting collaboration and communication across the city, our on-the-ground approach results in targeted resource allocation to specific areas of high need. Coordination includes maintaining City department presence through City service blitzes, tailored police deployments that include proactive engagement such as foot patrols and community safety walks, and collaborating with community-based organizations to provide services to community members. We believe that this targeted and granular approach has the ability to truly keep our communities safe this summer.


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What is the strategy?

Who participates?

Strategy objectives

  1. Streamline internally and move forward with a strong all-city response to address community safety in designated areas
  2. Engage community partners to co-develop approaches to address violence
  3. Breakdown incidents at the beat level to analyze violence trends and to coordinate collective responses
  4. Identify any gaps and needs that are necessary to support this work
  5. Establish a regular cadence for meetings
  6. Sustain this work with high intensity throughout the summer

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Get involved

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