The City of Chicago would like to sincerely thank ALL of the individuals and community-based organizations who helped to spread the word about the Chicago Resilient Communities Pilot!   

The application to enter the random lottery for the Chicago Resilient Communities Pilot closed on Friday, May 13, 11:59pm. GiveDirectly is no longer accepting applications.  

To check the status of your application, visit and follow the instructions.  

All applicants should have received a status update by email or SMS in the first week of June. If you did not receive or can’t locate the notification from GiveDirectly, you can also visit to view your application and selection status. 

If you were selected to enroll in the pilot, you may need to submit additional paperwork or set up an in-person appointment to complete enrollment. Please follow the instructions from GiveDirectly. 

If you are not randomly selected to receive cash assistance, you may still be randomly selected to participate in the research study. The research study is being conducted by the University of Chicago Inclusive Economy Lab and will allow the City and other policymakers to better understand the impact of cash assistance on residents’ well-being. You will only be contacted by the research team if you are randomly selected to participate and you provided your consent to be contacted in your application. All research activities are voluntary and will be compensated with a small stipend. You may opt out of continuing the research at any time. 

To reach GiveDirectly’s support team, submit a ticket at or call 855-594-4016 on Monday through Friday between 9am and 5pm CT.