Real Savings from Peer Buildings

ICA GreenRise

The Institutue of Cultural Affairs reduced their carbon emissions by 39.8% through their investments in Retrofit Chicago. See their story.

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The Rookery became Illinois' oldest LEED Gold Certified building through their ambitious retrofits. See their story.

chicago housing authority annex

The Mansueto Library at The University of Chicago avoids 162 metric tons of carbon emissions each year after completing retrofits. See their story.

Who is Retrofit Chicago for?

Retrofit Chicago engages multifamily buildings, small businesses, nonprofits, commercial buildings, and medical buildings of all sizes and types in every neighborhood.

Operational costs such as energy bills and equipment replacements can be major pain points for property managers. Retrofit Chicago can support your journey in upgrading to more efficient systems and help you access financial pathways and incentives to complete your top-priority projects.

Energy efficiency and sustainability isn't just a bonus anymore - it's a requirement. Tenants will be more likely to lease spaces that have invested in sustainable solutions. Through Retrofit Chicago, you will be recognized for these investments and have your energy reduction achievements celebrated.

Operating and maintaining a building is no small task. Through events like Engineer Roundtables, building teams will have the opportunity to share lessons learned and best practices as they participate in Retrofit Chicago and make upgrades to buildings.

10 Years of Energy Efficiency Impact

Formerly known as the Commercial Buildings Initiative, the Retrofit Chicago Energy Challenge launched in June 2012 by announcing 14 founding participants' public commitment to 20% energy efficiency improvement. The program doubled in size in March 2013 with the addition of 18 new participants, and has grown steadily since then, with multiple buildings joining each year. In its 10-year history, over 100 commercial, higher education, and affordable housing buildings have committed to the challenge.

7.1 million kWh 

electricity reduced annually

404,890 tons

greenhouse gas emissions reduced

100 buildings

participating in the program